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… the site of First Nations BC: Technology Council. The site offers visitors glimpses into what’s happening within First Nations communities with respect to current technology use. The numerous tabs of the website include: Connectivity, Technical Support, Community Applications, Skill Development, etc. The nice thing about the site is that all of its resources and examples are provided as pdf & powerpoint links so the user has full access to past stories, presentations, and successes.  The website also features a “Youth Café” which gives youth a chance to see recent happenings and interact with other youth on the same topics and stories. It is this ‘interaction’ component of the site that would also be a benefit within a First Nations Library setting as a way to keep a youth-focused group cohesive, and thriving. Learning is becoming more of a social process and having that social interaction take place within a website or library would only help the learning process as a whole.





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