Offering Internet Connections to First Nations Students as a First Step…


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This link is a story out of the Georgia Straight recently.


The article titled “First Nations students need Internet technology, advocates say” was written in 2009, by Stephen Hui. The author includes some great sources including one from “George Abbott, B.C.’s minister of aboriginal relations and reconciliation, told the Straight that it’s “very important” to bridge the digital divide facing First Nations. The Liberal MLA for Shuswap noted that the provincial government has invested $30.8 million in First Nations connectivity and digital-literacy programs in the past year.”

This quote does show that technology is also important to the government but what is missing is how this money is to be implemented to sensitively incorporate technology into First Nations culture. If some of this funding can make its way through to a First Nations library, then the funds could more appropriately be utilized in more useful ways. Acquiring ‘internet technology’ for First Nations students sounds like a great venture but the internet technology also needs to be harnessed by recent technology to be most effective. A First Nations Library could be a place that is known for its up-to-date technology where efficient internet connections are available.




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