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Like Janet B I discovered the online journal Decolonisation: Indigeneity, Education and Society offers interesting reading.

The editorial by Sium, Desai and Ritskes (2012) Towards the ‘tangible unknown’: Decolonization and the Indigenous future attempts to sum up the articles published in the journal and aims to examine the “contradictions, contestations and possible pathways to decolonisation”. (p 1)

They comment that there are many visions and definitions of decolonisation, but that it must include resistance to colonial relations of power and must result in “reimaging and rearticulating power, change and knowledge”. They argue that decolonisation can’t happen without recognition of primacy of land and indigenous sovereignty of the land.

They argue we cannot be spectators (settlers or Indigenous) and decolonisation must find ways to combine both theory and action (there needs to be theory to inform action and action to inform theory) with daily acts of resistance. It is an interesting read.


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