Soooo~~~ This module focused on the colonial gaze, Nanook of the North, and cultural rights. I scraped together these links that I thought presented some quite interesting ideas. Again, my focus is on connections between orality and literacy, so the links show that~~


PDF available – Canadian Literature

An article on Thomas King’s Medicine River. It presents a lot of issues that come up in the novel that are relevant to the discourse we are engaging.

This link leads to a short article discussing Foucault’s idea of the Gaze, how that Gaze has become something more extreme in the present, the Gaze as an element in power struggle, and how much we are aware of this and its effects in our lives. The article does not directly address issues of a colonizing culture’s gaze on an indigenous culture, but the power struggle may have a lot of similarity.

A blog page on which some interesting points are made. I am mainly interested in the video posted near the top of the page though.

The Human Rights Education Association page on rights to culture. It outlines some of the legalities involving right to culture. It introduces some of the international bodies that are responsible for cultural rights, and it presents some of their subgroups and the goals they are attempting to achieve. At the bottom, some related lessons for educators are offered.

A collection of news stories and articles on culture and ethics that were published on the Power of Culture webpage between 2003 and 2010. The articles deal with culture issues worldwide, and many are interesting to read.



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