Module 3~! So, I was looking for anything that connected orality and literacy to this modules topics of indigenous identity contrast with the culture of the colonizer and tradition, technology, and youth. These are some of the interesting things I found.

This is an interesting article for teachers to read. It focuses on the indigenous cultures of Australia rather than North America, but some of the ideas are good.

The Ecology and Society website presents an article outlining a shared project involving government and a local indigenous group working together in forest management and conservation of habitat. One group brings science-based knowledge to the project, and the other brings their own cultural knowledge to the project. It is an interesting example of the possibilities.

This article presents a study done with social workers to determine what values and needs were different for Native American peoples than for dominant Euro culture. The goal was to generate more culturally competent social workers.

This site is actually a course site for another teacher education program. It pulls together some interesting materials and ideas all on one site, so it’s got a lot to offer. The particular course is titled “Culture and Religion for a Sustainable Future.” The nature of the content naturally follows suit with that title.

This is an information page for the Arctic Indigenous Youth Alliance. It outlines goals, activities, opportunities for youth, and ways that anyone can get involved. Their main goal is to connect youth with the knowledge and wisdom of Elders and keep that connection alive.


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