Module 4 entries~

This site offers a really interesting personal account of Native American ways of knowing. The author tells of her childhood experience growing up in a Christian family and witnessing her grandmothers traditional Salish ways from a kind of outside perspective. She tells of her grandmothers actions that might look totally insane to non-native peoples and how those actions just seemed normal to her because she had always witnessed them. She explains the maiming and function of some of the actions. I found this story very interesting.

An introductory page for a symposium on aboriginal ways of knowing that was held at Queens University. Many indigenous scholars presented on the topic. The list of names and titles as well as links is useful for further research in the area.

This article gets into three different cultural ways of knowing: North American indigenous, neo-indigenous mainly based on Japanese, and Euro American. Its a good source of introductory information on a selection of approaches.

A video on “Native Science” and “Western Science.” A little long, but interesting.

This is a short article on learning styles and the different learning styles that are particular to certain cultures. The learning styles are determined via research that is also briefly explained. Some controversy on this research and the practical use of the findings in education are presented.



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