Module 1 – Weblog 5 – Dakelh Language

Dakelh Language –

This is a First Nation map of the Dakelh language also known as the Carrier.   The reasoning for this post is simple.  Today at a meeting we discussed incorporating Aboriginal content, and some ideas included carvings, drum-making, dance, etc.  Once the discussion started however, we brought forth the point that incorporating content just to do so isn’t important unless it is relevant.  The Carrier aren’t carvers like the Haida so why would we carve.  In addition, drums have a spirit, to make one just to make one is simply a trinket in the eyes of local elders.  If we are to bring in content we need to ensure it is relevant to the local Carrier.

The Carrier name comes from the idea once a person died, they were cremated and their ashes would be ‘carried’ around.  The language is in various states as you can see in this table:

First Nation Population Fluent Speakers Understand or Speak Somewhat Learning Speakers
Lheidli T’enneh Band3 316 5 7 0
Lhoosk’uz Dene Nation 1994 unknown unknown unknown
Lhtako Dene Nation 1524 unknown unknown unknown
Nadleh Whut’en5 435 25 5 60
Nak’azdli Band6 1500 189 390 114
Nazko First Nation7 3344 75 70 0
Saik’uz First Nation8 1000 50 30 80
Stellat’en First Nation9 399 18 16 35
Takla Lake First Nation10 720 53 42 22
Tl’azt’en Nation 11 1659 154 213 46
Ts’il Kaz Koh (Burns Lake)9 104 7 12 20
Ulkatchot’en12 850 145 136 88
Wet’suwet’en First Nation9 213 10 10 88
Yekooche First Nation 2174 unknown unknown unknown
Total 8098 731 931 553


This is important because it can show how important it is to keep language alive and kicking.



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