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I have been considering my topic for quite some time for my research focus and I keep coming back to Winston Churchill’s quote: “Those who do not learn from history, are doomed to repeat it”.

My struggle and interest within the field of education technology has always been focused on relevance and the absolute need for it when considering educational policy and spending. Out of my current understanding of the historic and colonial systematic exploitation of Canadian First Nation’s people, my question is: “How has the contemporary Globalization economic movement, with its focus on worldwide neo-liberal capitalism and the privitization/exploitation therein, compare and contrast to the conquest and exploitation of the Aboriginal people’s residing in the Americas, and more specifically Canadian First Nations.” Research materials with regards to both subjects should be plentiful as Canadians first nations exploitation (residential schools, resource claims, treaty issues, marginalization effects etc.) are still being dealt with today, (or not dealt with in the case of the Harper Government), and the documentation of the worldwide privatization of public resources is a contemporary concern, very often focusing on Aboriginal treaties/resource and land claims.

Any input or suggestions from my classmates will be valued.


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