“After I cut my hair, I’ve been told that I’m more expressive. I used to have braces too, so I didn’t smile a lot in high school. Now I’m just radiant, and everyone’s like, ‘Wow, you’ve changed!’ I don’t really think ‘I’ have changed, I just think there have been factors that have prevented me from being more, doing more, and saying more … it’s been very freeing for me, and I’ve felt more myself since I’ve cut my hair. It can be weird and confusing for other people, but I like it.

I love dressing androgynously; whether or not that changes in the future, I don’t really care. I tend to wear movable, easy-to-live-in clothing, but depending on the weather or how I feel that day, I might put on a dress. In my friend group, I’m usually the one that says, ‘Get your best life. At long as it doesn’t hurt anybody, if you want to do it—go do the thing.’

When I was younger I was really scared of what other people thought. So I guess this is me now overcorrecting for that, and being more supportive of myself and other people. I was at Fan Expo with a friend and she wanted to hang out and talk to her favorite actress; she was so shaken up, but I told her, ‘If you really want to do it, I will hold your hand, man!’ I always find that it’s really fulfilling to encourage someone to do something that they want to do but feel conflicted about. I love pushing people. If I can be an energizer or a motivator for someone, that’s awesome.”