“To be honest, what really prompted my move was the city. I come from Lahore which is a big city. Kelowna isn’t small but it was smaller than what I was used to. So immediately, I knew that I had to move. I remember once, I was comparing the courses offered at UBCV versus UBCO and after seeing how much more of a choice in the kinds of classes one could take, I realized that I had to transfer.

Vancouver is just so different. It is surrounded by mountains and the ocean and is so beautiful. Even with a pandemic, there’s just always something to do. I’m also excited that there are so many more people. It’s so nice to see that there are more people like you. There is more diversity so it makes you really feel at ease.

This winter break when more people started moving into residence and on campus, I was finally able to make more friends on campus. Last semester, I didn’t get a chance to meet that many new people but I hope this semester will be a little different. With everything being online, it’s so easy to not do anything and I don’t want to do that. I’ve been Facetiming people a lot more than I usually do. I like checking up with friends and family back home.

I didn’t come into university with the idea to major in Psychology. I took Psychology in A levels and I really liked it learning about different studies especially Milgram’s study of obedience. I like that one because you always think that if you were in that situation, you would do things differently and that’s probably what the participants of the study thought as well, so you’re not actually that much different than you think.

I also love applying all these different concepts to every aspect of my own life and see how I would act or what I would do. I want to apply what I have learned to larger society and think about what causes it to work in the way that it does. I’m very interested in current world affairs especially right now with everything that’s going on in terms of the Black Lives Matter movement and the struggle of the Indigenous peoples of North America and I’d like to examine concepts such as race, power, and inequality from the point of view of both my majors, Anthropology, and Psychology”