“I studied law and management in Singapore for 3 years; personally, it wasn’t the most pleasant experience, but I learned so much from it. Law is just not for me though, so I started anew in Arts in fall 2015. Funny story—I applied for the wrong campus! I’m not even kidding, my mom was so angry. I didn’t do any extensive research on universities at that point. I was really stressed at the time because I just came off of a 3-month internship at a law firm; it was crazy work hours every day—10, 11 hours—so I just applied, and after they sent me the package, which read ‘Okanagan,’ I googled it and found out this is NOT Vancouver!


And my parents were like, ‘What, are you doing?’ So I went there, I enjoyed it; it’s a beautiful campus but I love living in a bustling big city. … I transferred and it’s been great since. People have such meaningful stories about how they came to UBC—I clicked on the wrong button!


I’ve made so many stupid, careless mistakes because of things like that.”

“Are you still watching Bob’s Burgers? “

“YES! It’s such a great show. It’s so smart! … I don’t watch dramas because I feel like, I don’t know, I can’t deal with emotional stuff generally. I keep watching sitcoms instead… There are a lot of good things I should explore but I don’t want to like, cry. I’ve never been a crier. It’s so bad actually… maybe that’s why I’m studying psych. It’s really weird because I empathize with people so well, but I’m not the type of person that gets sad, in general. I feel like, there was a point in my life where I thought about things too much. Then one day I was just like, No, no more. … I love satire TV. There’s a show called Silicon Valley that I really enjoy; it’s about the tech industry and how like, messed up it is, and how weird people are. It’s so good; I feel like the best part about it is people poking fun at a certain profession, and people who watch it are receptive towards it because they can relate to it so much on a personal level… it’s also lighthearted, so nothing serious.”