“I have procrastinated my way through all of my higher education. It’s ridiculous.”

“What do you think causes that?”

“I don’t know… instant gratification? Hey I can watch a TV show and it will be 20 minutes versus working on this paper that will take me a couple days. … I procrastinated a lot on joining the BVP [the Blank Vinyl Project]; they make a lot of music and they get people together that can form bands. It’s super cool, and finally joined it like this year, in my last semester. If I’d done that earlier I could have gotten to writing music earlier.”

“How do you think you’ve changed since joining UBC?”

“I think this last year I’ve very much become a very optimistic person; I was very pessimistic, especially in my 2nd year. I recognized that I was becoming this, just, depressing person. I was like, ‘I don’t want to be that person. How do we change that?’ And I strove to just be a happier person.”

“What were some things that you did?”

“It was a lot of changing thinking patterns. Kind of like, ‘Oh I wish I did this,’ and then I would stress on the fact that I never did this thing. ‘OK cool, so you want to do that. Go do it now then. Don’t sit around wishing. Just go do it.’ Especially with like, going out with people, dating and stuff like that, I’d be like, ‘No I don’t want to go out with this guy.’ And I’d be like, ‘Do it, and if it’s trash it’s trash, just go do it.’ … Instead of allowing myself to be sad, I’d be like ‘Nah, dude, change that up. Just be happier.’ It’s very hard to like, describe exactly how it happened. But I had this moment where I saw who I was and I realized I didn’t want to be this person, and changing it meant changing my habits. It was a hard thing to do, and it took a while, but it also has to do with the people you’re around. My roommate who moved in in 3rd year was a huge influence on that; he was just a happy-go-lucky dude.”