“Actually I have a funny story to tell you—so my mom heard from her best friend that Santa Ono gave a talk at her church. He talked about his mental health journey and of course, he’s a very big advocate for mental health awareness. And so my mom became like, *super* inspired by him, or something. So she talked to me one day and was like, ‘Oh you should really get to know your president because he’s really interested in mental health and so are you, and you guys have shared interests, so you should try to see him.’ I was like ‘Mom, how am I supposed to get to know the President of UBC?’ She’s like, ‘He could be like, your mentor, and you could see him during office hours.'”
“You know he’s on Instagram?”
“Yeah! So I was like, you know what, Santa Ono—hit me up!”


“Do you have anything you’ve thought about doing differently this semester?”

“I guess living in the moment. I’m such a busy person that I always go through my schedule and then I don’t have a moment to live or enjoy. My schedule today was insane; this whole week was insane, I don’t know why. I have meetings back-to-back, I have classes, appointments, and things… And I always schedule my agenda like that; I like to say that I thrive off stress, but of course, it’s a limited amount of stress… So I guess this year my new year’s resolution is to take more breaks and enjoy the friends I have around me.”