“Right now I’m taking a lot of courses that have really big lecture halls, and even though I meet a new person every time, even if I add them on social media and ask them the next day if we can sit together, they either don’t respond of they say they’re sitting with someone else, or they’re already sitting inside… So it kind of goes on in a cycle—I just meet a new person every time and I never meet them again.”
“Have you heard of the self-fulfilling prophecy?”
“Uhm, isn’t that when if you believe in something then it will happen? I, yes, I believe in the self-fulfilling prophecy; I know that I am also fulfilling that point. But I also have a few lectures where there are a fewer amount of people so I do get to meet people and know them better.”
“Do you identify as an introvert?”
“I am definitely an introvert—the moment I get out of my room and socialize, I want to go back… but I’m actually really interested in public speaking, so it’s not a social anxiety thing for me. I just have a natural preference to be alone… the problem is I just feel like when I’m in my room, even though I’m already part of so many clubs, I’m not really serving some sort of greater purpose; I want to do more.”