“People are always like, ‘Let me guess, you’re a Psych student. What am I thinking about right now?’ While that’s certainly one aspect of psychology that you can explore, that’s not really how psychology works. Though, granted, that was one of my partial motivations.

Everyone gets sucked in by that “FBI director teaches body language secrets” or whatever and you think psychology sounds fascinating. Then you go in there and you’re like okay, so who wants to learn about research methods?

One thing that I’ve learned so far [from psychology] is that no matter how complicated people are, they will always be more complicated. Whenever you’re trying to understand someone, not only do you have to recognize all their conscious choices and how that shaped them into who they are now, you also have to understand the subtexts like their culture. You have to consider all those different things that are different for everyone. They all kind of fold together into one never seen before, unique, one-of-a-kind person.

It’s still kind of mindblowing a little bit. The amount of complexity it takes for a person to be them. People as a concept are cool as heck.

One of the things that I’ve always been driven by is the desire to be kind. I do really want to try my best at helping people. One day, I hope I can do professional licensed therapy one form or another. Who knows, maybe I will do therapy live streams on Twitch! I just hope in the future that I am able to help others with mental health in one capacity or another

In conjunction with being kind, another thing I constantly try to keep in mind is to be self-aware.

Sometimes, when I just get carried away with something. I just have to be like, pause, mental pause. Awareness check. I ask myself, am I being too loud? Sometimes, that can get over critical which is why it goes with being kind.

Be kind to yourself. On one hand, you can be too loud while, on the other hand, you have to tell yourself that it’s fine. Whenever you’re being too over conscious or aware of yourself, that’s where the kindness kicks in. It’s just a cycle that you need to try and implement a little bit every day.”