“I think [the lack of representation] is something that has to change. Historically, psychological research has been made by the WEIRD population and for the WEIRD population, not for people of colour. Hopefully, these last couple of years have been improving but I think it’s something that needs to keep changing. People doing the research are privileged people and not everyone has the opportunity to to get a university degree or even be part of research.

Before coming to UBC, I went to UoT for a year. So, I had a year of experience living in Canada. It’s a challenge to be your own person and to start doing adult things. It was my first winter ever, I had never seen snow before that. I spoke Spanish all my life until I moved here. The first time I came here, it was hard to speak in English and make myself heard. I didn’t know anyone here. Making friends for me has been something I’m not perfect at, so it was scary. At the same time, I found people that were very welcoming. They were very patient with me. I also found people in the same place as me, they didn’t have English as a first language.

I’m from Peru and we have a lot of pride in Peruvian food. It’s something that brings together everyone in the country. If there’s a contest or something people come together. Culturally, it’s a social culture, it’s not as independent as Canada. It’s very family based, so I like that. When someone in the family wins something or accomplishes something everyone wins that thing.”