“I truly believe that meditation changes people’s lives. It helps you be embodied, mindful, and calm. As you become more attuned with your inside, you then tend to radiate it on the outside.

At first, it was frustrating. My thoughts kept chewing at me and I kept asking myself, why am I doing this? I still remember four years ago where I never felt any compassion whilst focusing on my breath. But once you start realizing that those accumulating thoughts and emotions are there temporarily, that’s when you can start using those tools that are within you.

At the end of every [psychology] textbook, meditation was skimmed over. This does not require medicine or a psychiatrist so I understand why it was looked over. Regardless, the holistic approach is applicable in many ways.

Given that we are blinded by a system that tells you what is right, once you start becoming more open-minded and attuned with everything you become okay with everything around you. You become less judgemental. You have no pride. You have no ego. That’s when you can accept anything.

I don’t question my meditative processes. I have certain experiences during my meditative processes. When I sit down in my meditative state and I’m sinking deep, I know that my heart is at ease knowing that I don’t manipulate anything into existence. My inner-being guides me and brings me into the realization of my feelings and petty issues that I’m so focused on. Laughing at me, I laugh along with it— you can find a lot of peace in that.

There’s an Indian proverb I love which states that there are a hundred paths up a mountain all leading to the same place. You can take the most treacherous path— I like to think of it as the Grouse Grind— or you could take the path that has beautiful staircases. Everybody’s path is going to be very different so it doesn’t matter which path you take. The only person who is wasting time is the one who runs around the mountain, telling everyone that his or her path is wrong.

In the end, we’re all going to be meeting up there. Why? Because we’re humans. You and I are humans. Once you tend to understand that, life gets easier and you’re happy to go through the treacherous, torn field path.”