About Me, Julian Dierkes

I, Julian Dierkes, am – so far – the sole author of this blog.

I am an associate professor in the Institute of Asian Research at the University of British Columbia. I am a sociologist by training (B.A. UC Berkeley, M.A,/PhD Princeton). I teach Asia Pacific Policy Studies. With colleagues, I edit Pacific Affairs, and Asia Pacific Memo (also tweeting, on Facebook and on academia.edu).

For some years now, I have been conducting research on 学習塾 (gakushujuku) in Japan and this has led me to a broader interest in the global development of supplementary education (or, ‘shadow education’, but not ‘cram school’). This is what I will primarily be writing about on this blog.

In the past, I have conducted research and published on portrayals of the nation in German and Japanese history textbooks (see also my Amazon and Facebook author pages).

I am also interested in all things Mongolian.

For more information about me and my research, see my personal webpage or my institutional webpage, follow me on Twitter or drop me a note [julian[dot]dierkes{at}ubc(dot)ca].
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