As I continue to write about juku, supplementary education more general, and other topics, I will begin to keep a glossary of terms that I will be using regularly.


MEXT or Ministry of Education = (Japanese) Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

PISA = OECD Programme for International Student Assessment

SME = small and medium enterprise

Japanese Terms in English

gakushûjuku [学習塾] = juku focused on academic subjects

gakyûhôkai [学級崩壊] = breakdown of classrooms

hogosha [保護者] = guardian

hoshû [補習] = remedial tutoring, cf. shingaku

juku [塾] = private education institution, I mostly use this to refer to for-profit education businesses teaching academic subjects, see gakushûjuku

jukuchô [塾長] = juku operator, principal

kobetsushidô [個別指導] = individualized instruction

kôhai [後輩] = younger/junior student, club member, co-worked

kojinjuku [個人塾] = owner-operated juku

kônaijuku [校内塾] = juku within (state-recognized) school

ôteijuku [大手塾] = corporate juku

sempai [先輩] = older/senior student, club member, co-worker

shingaku [進学] = accelerated or enriched instruction, cf. hoshû

yobikô [予備校] = juku that specifically prepares for university entrance examinations

yutori (kyôiku) [ゆとり教育]

Other Foreign Terms

buxiban [chn. 補習班]

cursinho [port.]

hagwon [kor. 학원]

Nachhilfe [ger.] = remedial tutoring

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