An evening of pairing local stories with local wine

Producers:  Denise Kenney and Nancy Holmes

Savoring stories from/about Peachland with Vancouver Artist David McIntosh. Photography exhibit by Andrew Barton. 


For one week in October 2013, performer David McIntosh searched out Peachland stories and sampled wine from Peachland vineyards. He then paired the stories he discovered with local wines tasted.  Taking advantage of McIntosh’s training as a sommelier and the ergonomics of serving wine, this unique storytelling performance allowed for the consideration of our bodies as vessels of myth, history, lies, desire and geography.  There were two performances, each at a table seating 20 – 24 people.

Andrew Barton’s photography took another kind of look at “Terroir”— the exhibit was an interactive display that invited guests to “pair” quotes from local vineyard proprietors with stunning photographs of Okanagan wineries.

The event was sponsored by Innerfish Performance Company, the Eco Art Incubator and the Okanagan Sustainability Institute.


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