Dig Your Neighbourhood – North End

Last year, we ran a pilot project in a small Kelowna neighbourhood: the North End.  Creative writing and visual arts students created a package of art that includes a board game based on local landmarks and neighbourhood-specific trivia questions, a book of poetry that celebrates and commemorates North End trees, and an activity book that introduces children to the local flora and fauna. There is a CD of music and soundscapes recorded in and inspired by the North End neighbourhood, and student photography was used to create both a calendar and a set of postcards. There were also several written projects, including a graphic fiction based on personal interviews with neighbourhood residents and archival and historical research.

The North End Team
Creative Writing and Visual Arts students with professor Nancy Holmes

The finished 12 products fit into a tote bag and, with funding from the Eco Art Incubator, this bag is being given free of charge to newcomers to the neighbourhood.  The Welcome Wagon Ltd. in Kelowna has generously agreed to deliver these packages to new North End residents throughout this year.

North End residents and business owners were consistently supportive and engaged with the work. The North End residents’ association were great partners in creating events and open houses. In addition to the mutually beneficial relationship we maintain with the Welcome Wagon, we were also invited to participate in Kelowna’s Heritage Week, and to present our work to the Kelowna Museum Society (the museum subsequently exhibited the student projects).  The residents who participated in community open houses and saw the final artworks were enchanted.  And the student artists had a unique entry on their CV; they were proud that their artwork was truly launched into the public arena.

For more information about purchasing individual items/packages, click here.

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