Green Space

Green Space is a story of a man, a woman, and a house, told by six performers and 64 two-by-fours.  It is an interactive performance work in which the characters literally colonize the space with help from the audience and eventually build themselves into a box.  Green Space is a continuation of Inner Fish Performance Co.’s investigation of Dick and Jane, a restless urban couple struggling with their relentless need for greener grass. The story is told in an open space and the audience is free to move throughout the experience.  The piece is a hybrid of installation/performance art and traditional theatre staging.

Created by: Denise Kenney and Neil Cadger

Director: Denise Kenney

Neil Cadger
Jackie Faulkner
Natalia Hautala
Tristan Mackinlay
Gabriel Newman
Tanja Woloshen

Sound Designer/Technician: Kevin Jesuino

Set Construction: Don Lyons

Voices: Jay O. Glerum and Zena Ryder

This project was funded through the Edmonton Canoe Festival, The Canada Council, and the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies, UBC Okanagan.

Special Thanks: Daniel Macdonald, Richard Wolfe, Lynda Adams, Blake Brooker, Denise Clark, Michael V. Smith, Don Lyons, Linda Falkingham, Nancy Holmes, Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies.

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