Poets in their Places

Poets in Their Places is a short film in the making, created from interviews with six Okanagan poets. Third year creative writing students interviewed the poets in early 2012, and now Lori Mairs and Nancy Holmes are editing the final cut. The poets talk about walking and travelling, poetry and living in the Okanagan, memory, time, nature and home. Their wit and wisdom will dazzle you.

“I haven’t fully experienced life until I’ve written about      it.”  ~ Laisha Rosnau

 “Pruning fruit trees in the dark: how I learned to write       poetry.”  ~ Harold Rhenisch

 “Poetry makes the world real to me.”  ~ Sharon Thesen

 “I was always from somewhere else.”  ~ John Lent

“It’s primal sincerity.”  ~ Jake Kennedy

“…and repair disruptions.”  ~ Kevin McPherson Eckhoff

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