Yellow Schoolhouse Project


Co-Creators/Facilitators:  Nancy Holmes and Denise Kenney

The Yellow Schoolhouse Project included an exhibition that showcased creations from Peachland Community Arts Council members, a series of take home or do-it-on-site projects everyone was invited to enjoy.

How do Peachland residents experience their place? Can we imagine possibilities for development and growth in the community? The Yellow Schoolhouse Project was a chance for us to explore and imagine our community and to share these ideas with others. Over several months between July 2013 and March 2014, local artists and writers  created responses and thinking about place .  In the summer of 2014, their creations were displayed as the very first exhibition in the newly renovated Yellow Schoolhouse building in Peachland.  Also, there many activities inviting the local public and visitors to have their say about what makes Peachland special, vulnerable, or in need of improvement, particularly a graffiti wall that was very popular.

The Yellow Schoolhouse Project  was located in the newly renovated Peachland primary school on Beach Avenue, in Peachland BC.  Embraced and celebrated for sheltering in its attic the largest Yuma bat colony in BC, this building was a perfect space for the Yellow Schoolhouse Project. Peachland’s decision to preserve heritage and the environment, to share the site with diverse community groups and with the bats, and to grow and support children, business, and the arts means that the Yellow Schoolhouse is a symbol for  the future.



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