Woodhaven: an Eco Art Experience

We heard a chainsaw in the woods….. houses would be built…. endangered species…. dying trees…. the park shut down.

So they came to bear witness.

This is a story of Woodhaven Nature Conservancy in Kelowna, British Columbia.  One small, preserved piece of paradise is revealed through art, song, performance, and the clash of darkness and light.  Sometimes, you need to celebrate what you love.

Nancy Holmes and Lori Mairs (2011) HDVD, 15 mins. Kelowna BC. 

Woodhaven Blog

Producer:  Nancy Holmes

Directors: Nancy Holmes and Lori Mairs

Cinematographer:  Lori Mairs

Editor: Lori Mairs

Filmed on location at the Woodhaven Nature Conservancy, Kelowna, BC

Funded and supported by The Hampton Fund of the University of British Columbia; UBC’s Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies; and the Regional District of the Central Okanagan

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