NLII Fall Focus Session on Learning Objects…

I’m pretty fried right now… I’ve been packed in a boardroom at Ohio State University with twenty other planners of this year’s NLII Fall Focus Session on learning objects… tomorrow will be the culmination of over a year of planning (I’ve been part of the committee for the past few months) — sixty prominent peers will be locked into a room with the goal of creating an ambitious set of work products relating to LO adoption strategies for our institutions, and indirectly for the NLII itself.

Had a fun blogger run-in… I have followed Evan Straub’s blog.IT for a while… and was sitting next to her for about three hours before I put the two elements together.

I doubt I’ll have the chance to post today, the agenda is very packed. But it should be fun.

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I am a Strategist and Discoordinator with UBC's Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology. My main blogging space is Abject Learning, and I sporadically update a short bio with publications and presentations over there as well...
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  1. Scott Leslie says:

    Love to hear more about the meetings when you get a chance. Thanks for pointing to the attendee list – lots of great folks in your group, should be some very interesting outcomes.

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