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Remembrance of swelters past…

Hermosillo, Mexico shared CC by pmoroni I was little surprised to find that yesterday was the hottest day ever recorded in Vancouver. In no small part because the record temperature rang in at only 33.8 degrees C (92.8 F): warm, … Continue reading

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A value proposition, basic respect, whatever…

Open Access Chalkboard shared CC by Gideon Burton An anecdote from Andre Malan’s must-read blog: I am currently working at a software company as an intern, writing a program. Now of course, as anybody who has taken Software Engineering knows (don’t … Continue reading

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“It’s not just free music; it’s good music”

I wanted to spend some real time with the site before blogging about the Free Music Archive, and over that time my admiration for this project has continued to grow. The FMA describes itself thus: The Free Music Archive is … Continue reading

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Last call for frugal-minded OpenEd attendees!

Just a quick note that today is the last day to snag the ridiculously cheap early rate for this year’s Open Education Conference, August 12-14th in Van Rock City. If you have not already, I urge you to take a … Continue reading

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More hotness from OLT’s WordPress team

I know Novak Rogic well enough to know that when he gets this enthusiastic about some new development that it’s worth paying attention to. So what’s the deal with the Section Widget WordPress plugin? This plugin is basically an improved … Continue reading

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Amazing stories of openness: I know you have them

I wrote in an earlier post that one of our goals with the Sixth Annual Open Education Conference was to present a program that somehow expanded how we conceived and thought through what open education means. So imagine how thrilled the … Continue reading

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In over my head department: Web Content Management for Publishers

Just a quick note how flattered I am to be one of the guest speakers for next month’s workshop hosted by SFU’s Summer Publishing Workshops series, Web Content Management. I can’t do a better description than the blurb: Digitization is … Continue reading

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