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On sustaining and reviving culture

No Dark Sarcasm in the Classroom shared CC by Thomas Hawk When I do my little talks on open education, I like to reference things like learning parties, maker culture, the kind of practical DIY education that is important enough … Continue reading

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Where’s the bottom-up brilliance?

opened09 – follower relations shared CC by psychemedia One of my semi-regular listens in my weekly podcast rotation is Douglas Rushkoff’s weekly show on WFMU, the Media Squat. Rushkoff describes it as “freeform, bottom-up, open-source radio dedicated to solving some … Continue reading

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A value proposition, basic respect, whatever…

Open Access Chalkboard shared CC by Gideon Burton An anecdote from Andre Malan’s must-read blog: I am currently working at a software company as an intern, writing a program. Now of course, as anybody who has taken Software Engineering knows (don’t … Continue reading

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Where is the open education movement going?

cc licensed flickr photo shared by vaXzine I promised myself that when I broke this weeks-long absence from my blog it would be with a post that was neither a) about myself, nor b) about the Open Education Conference. So, … Continue reading

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Cross the chasm with us at OpenEd 2009

It’s going to be one hot summer here in Vancouver, as I am thrilled to be one of the co-organizers of the 6th Annual Open Education Conference, hosted by UBC at its downtown Robson Square campus, August 12-14. OpenEd has … Continue reading

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