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“The commodification of human socialization…”

… is the apt phrase used by Scott to describe vaguely creepy articles like this one.

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Gotta try this!

Creating an MT-Powered Photo Album If you have not already noticed, the Photography section at has been completely rebuilt. So, what’s the catch? I’ve used nothing but MovableType to manage and update the entire thing. After reading “Beyond the … Continue reading

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New wiki location, and a cry for help…

I’ve been playing at reestablishing wikis using our spankin’ new server we bought for our instance of CAREO, and set up a new location with the beginnings of a stylesheet. Still very much a work in progress, though I’m hopeful … Continue reading

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My latest piece of the blog rock…

This must be about the tenth weblog I’ve started up. This one is intended to be something of a hub for weblog support and promotion at UBC.

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All over for blogs?

It seemed to me that the number of useless postings and blog entries was starting to increase and there was less and less there that was really of interest. This could be the sign of a worrying phenomenon. Perhaps the … Continue reading

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Finally, someone sees the real me…

Just was alerted to this comment, from “”. It’s worth quoting in its entirety: you suck It was quite a controversial post, so I can understand the depths of this reader’s fury. Feedback is always appreciated.

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MERLOT presentation — the gory aftermath

We just gave our dog and pony show on RSS at the MERLOT conference. Previously, I had always tacked on a five minute spiel on weblogs and RSS to the end of “learning object” talks (and always sensed the most … Continue reading

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Object Learning finally pulls its weight at MERLOT

I’m feeling guilty about how hard all the other bloggers here are working, so I thought I would try to post on this presentation on MERLOT’s new federated search technology… even though Alan is sitting next to me, probably doing … Continue reading

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‘QTI Ready’ almost ready

File this for future reference: Adding to the growing pile of IMS QTI compliant software is a new server side plug-in: QTI Ready. Following the emerging trend of supplying applications that are meant to do only one thing, and do … Continue reading

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Riot at the Hyatt, or MERLOT madness…

Day One: I’m nearing the end of the first full day of the conference, and have managed so far to attend two whole sessions (and I was late for them). The barrier is not that the topics don’t seem interesting, … Continue reading

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