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It will be an epic Open Access Week at UBC

Open Access shared CC by AJC1 I have a few more substantive posts brewing, but until I get a few minutes and a few more brain cells to rub together… I want to offer my congratulations to the team that … Continue reading

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Wikipedian Protester

Here. Via A Tiny Revolution.

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Heaps of wikiosity at Northern Voice this year…

The wiki way will be strongly present at Northern Voice this year. John Maxwell is one of those terrifyingly smart people whose presence makes working in this field such fun. Great guy. I’ve never seen him formally in action, so … Continue reading

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The Wikipedia Web

Bryan Alexander points to a Washington Post article on Wikipedia that treats the subject with “a breezy mixture of sneer and fear.” (Does fear encompass the evident ignorance?) He notes that “In educational settings, I’m still getting signals that the … Continue reading

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WikiRadio2 – Electric Boogaloo

For some reason, DJ Edit and his unfaithful sidekick Harry the Talking Computer have been allowed back on the air, this time in screencast form (requires QuickTime, 42 MB). They are counting down ten hot wikis (need I add, not … Continue reading

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Is it a wiki? A floor wax? A dessert topping?

Yet another application to keep me tantalized and humbled all at once… I’ve been spotting TiddlyWiki in my peripheral vision for some time now, but only over the past couple days have I fixed my gaze on it. So far … Continue reading

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What do universities need to support weblogs?

A rare and welcome victory on the professional front. A project proposal submitted with partners at BCIT and UVic Distance Ed was awarded with significant funding from BCCampus’ Online Program Development Fund. (We should also have a private sector partner … Continue reading

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Wiki Waky Woo on Bourbon Street

I’m a lucky, dirty dog. The fabulous city of New Orleans (think Montreal crossed with Sodom and Gomorrah — but with way better food and music) for this year’s NLII Annual Meeting. I just gave my presentation — a fairly … Continue reading

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Is there a Nobel Prize for WikiHeroes?

Somehow in my perpetual haze of self-inflicted dementia and crippling self-regard I failed to recognize the importance of this posting by Seb Paquet about WikiMinion. I’m so grateful that he followed up with a comment on this weblog, rousing me … Continue reading

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Spammity, spam, wonderful spam…

I’ve been advised not to blog about spam lest I make myself a target, but I cannot sit idly and will not operate in fear of scum who feel they have some internet granted right to blast their gunk on … Continue reading

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