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Detalles ZEMOS98_Martes de Festival_16 shared CC by Julio Albarrán, on Flickr

  • English version of the above article, “The Un-Education of the Technologist” written with Jim Groom, is at http://unartist.wpmued.org/

  • Taking a Walk on the Wiki Side, Syllabus Magazine (now Campus Technology). A basic overview of wikis, and a brief case study of UBC’s use of them.

Selected Presentations

“[It’s a] presentation from Brian Lamb, so you know it combines wikis, RSS, blogs, learning and chaos.” — Stephen Downes

  • Wired for Wikiphonics – Online presentation for the NMC Conference on Social Computing. A special broadcast of radio station WIKI, with special call-in guests. Warning: this is a profoundly silly piece of work. MP3 here.

Selected Teaching & Workshops

  • ObjectsEducause04 – Rip. Mix. Feed. (Official title: “Decentralization of Learning Resources: Syndicating Learning Objects Using RSS, Trackback, and Related Technologies”) Pre-conference workshop for EDUCAUSE 2004, covering learning resources, RSS, weblogs, social bookmarking, Flickr, crass stereotypes and goofy costumes. (With Alan Levine)


I’ve been writing this particular blog since 2002, though due to archiving mishaps the posts here start in 2003 when I did a cut-and-paste, one-post-at-a-time migration. Those were the days. “Object Learning” started out on Blogger FTP-ed to a UBC webspace, as well as Radio Userland (thanks Cyprien), then on to Movable Type on the reusability.org server (thanks David!), then a rogue UBC server (thanks D’Arcy!). Thanks to Ken for performing a miracle recovering a data crash on the rogue server. Then we got a proper supported UBC server (thanks Michelle and Michelle). This blog service was built with friendly and gifted co-workers like Frank, Tyler and Andre… and of course the absolutely incredible current OLT tech team (I have to single out Novak, Scott, Alison, Joe, Enej, Michael and Marianne for their ongoing service, innovation, inventiveness and fun). I could not be prouder and more satisfied with my current home than I am with UBC Blogs.

I won’t go into the same detail telling the story of the UBC wikis I’ve been involved with (previous incarnations here and here), many of the same names are involved. I’m quite pleased with the current installation at http://wiki.ubc.ca/

In 2007-8, I was a Research Fellow working with David Wiley at Utah State University’s Center for Open and Sustainable Learning (COSL)

In late 2008, I worked with Julià Minguillon of the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) as a visiting researcher.

I possess a BA Honours Degree in English from the University of Saskatchewan, and an MA in English from McGill University. I am also a certified Chainsaw Carpenter.

I got my start in online learning in 1997 as a Profesor de Ingles with Campus Sonora Norte (Hermosillo) of Mexico’s Tecnológico de Monterrey.

I have also been fortunate enough to serve as a co-organizer for every Northern Voice conference (Canada’s first weblog conference when held in 2005), as well as co-organizer for the 2009 Open Education Conference here in Vancouver. I’m on the program committee for the 2010 Open Education Conference in Barcelona.

Some of my favorite things: my partner Keira and my son Harry. Going to the horseraces. Shopping for, fiddling with, and generally fetishising vinyl LPs. Jamming, making a racket, doing anything musical at all with friends and/or family. Making sandwiches and Mexican food.

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