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Open Education Wrap-up

As usual I was MIA as a conference weblogger, and already I feel compelled to turn my attention to the mounting piles of tasks spilling over all over my desktop. So please forgive the mess — it’s late, I’m torn … Continue reading

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Value from hysterics

When I woke up Thursday morning, I thought about editing or even deleting my ‘bum steer’ post… not because my feelings had changed, but because I recognised my tone was too raw, and that in my rush to post I … Continue reading

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The panicky guy takes a breath…

OK, I’ve calmed down a bit since the previous dash of hyperventilating prose. I appreciate the comments from Jon, Gardner, Steve and Dave Sifry (dude moves fast, I doubt I’m in his aggregator)… I probably should have waited before responding … Continue reading

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Steer well clear of Mr. Bum Steer

A common frustration for me is that in my role as ‘facilitator’ and evangelist of the small pieces approach is that I really don’t have the chops to make serious mojo happen on my own — I have always depended … Continue reading

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Open Education Hootenanny In Effect

For the next few days I’m going to be crashing the Open Education Conference here in Logan, Utah. This is the third sharable content event in roughly as many years here for me… and the way that it has evolved … Continue reading

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Hey let’s party™!!! We’ll have fun®!!! (Use of the word “fun” is strictly prohibited without the express written permission of GloboCorp Intl. Corporation)

I just received the following email invitation for a conference I am attending next month. The text (and symbols too — hope they render in your browser/reader) reads: Don’t miss Heat Up the Street, a sizzlin’ EDUCAUSE street party at … Continue reading

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“…permissions, paperwork, and other sordid details.”

I was happy to see that UbuWeb, perhaps the single most awe-inspiring repository of avant-garde artifacts anywhere on the web, has relaunched after a summer of rebuilding. I’m looking forward to diving into some of the Glenn Gould radio broadcasts … Continue reading

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A moose, loose…

That’s right, another two-fisted episode of Northern Voice is in production. The first go-round was a blast, and I couldn’t be happier to be working again with the organizers. We’ll be doing it at UBC Robson Square, in downtown Vancouver, … Continue reading

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What I’m banging on…

The picture above represents the “to-do” lists for a couple of courses that we are supporting this semester. (Thankfully in both cases, most of these to-do’s are ta-done.) In each case, we are setting up weblogs for each student, as … Continue reading

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It’s Showtime!

Today is the first day of the fall term at UBC, I suppose it is all over. The shift from a sleepy, near-empty summertime campus to one now overrun by the onrushing hordes is always something of a shock to … Continue reading

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