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ELI crafts me the perfect buzz

It’s too late for me to write a proper recap of the day, and I barely have two synapses to rub together. But experience has taught me that overviews best be captured quickly. Hopefully I can follow up on a … Continue reading

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Who is Caleb Navidson?

And where, oh where is Kate? Counterintuitive as it seems, I can’t shake the hunch that my arrival in San Diego for the ELI Annual Meeting brings me closer to solving these mysteries. * As an aside, being a barely … Continue reading

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VPL Post-Mortem and Gratuitous Gratitude

Well, after all my anxiety the talk at the Vancouver Public Library went pretty well. One of the biggest audiences I’ve spoken to, and definitely one of the most diverse. We had people like Richard Eriksson in the front row, … Continue reading

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Beyond the Blog – Not Ready For Prime Time (Yet)

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! It’s all my fault. For the past week or two, Alan and I (OK, mostly Alan) have been labouring in obscurity constructing our presentation for next week’s ELI Annual Meeting. Though I’ve mostly been whining here … Continue reading

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One must defraud no one. Not even the world of its victory.

One of the points I often make when I go into my blogvangelist mode is how over time weblogging helps you to develop a network of peer experts, who act as filters and analysts for a range of subjects that … Continue reading

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CiteULike Screencasts

One of the best outcomes of my unit’s reorganization has been the opportunity to work a little more closely with the instructional designers who develop distance education courses. One of those designers, Tannis Morgan has posted a set of useful … Continue reading

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The network delivers the goods

You never know what might happen when you make a blanket appeal for feedback, such as I did in the run-up to the blogs and wikis talk tomorrow night at the VPL. People are busy, and I asked some deceptively … Continue reading

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Extreme schadenfreude alert

This one is dedicated to my enemies, who are legion. In conjunction with the library talk that is (gulp) tomorrow, I was invited to do a short interview this morning on Vancouver’s Co-op Radio Station. Nice to be asked, though … Continue reading

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Stand on guard for thee

Canada is a richer, more vibrant country today. And no, I’m not referring to yesterday’s election which, while it easily could have been worse, sure as hell could have been a whole lot better. In between meetings downtown this morning … Continue reading

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Tiger Roach – The Case of The Missing Mail

I’ve spent part of the day showing my battered Powerbook some love – added a pile of RAM (huge difference) and installing Tiger. A bunch of my Mail messages from my previous version (all before Jan 16) have gone missing, … Continue reading

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