Extreme schadenfreude alert

This one is dedicated to my enemies, who are legion.

In conjunction with the library talk that is (gulp) tomorrow, I was invited to do a short interview this morning on Vancouver’s Co-op Radio Station. Nice to be asked, though I happen to know more people who have shows on the Co-op station than people who listen to it. Not quite as intimidating as a visit to the CBC (then again, I didn’t have Darren Barefoot to protect me).

I babbled away happily for nine minutes or so, and heard a faint click. When I finished my riff, there was that great radio bugaboo — dead air. I heard nothing over the phone. I was doing a vanity recording off the streaming feed, grabbed the headphones and could hear myself talking, so I knew my words were still being broadcast. I just couldn’t hear the questions over the phone. I did my best to pick up the questions via the feed, but the lag was considerable. And while processing this all, I went totally blank in mid-reply. From there, just tried to stop the bleeding.

You can hear the entire trainwreck in all its glory (MP3 5.7 MB). It goes off the rails somewhere around nine and a half minutes in…

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