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Reality check on organizational weblogging…

I recently linked to an inane set of criticisms on weblogging from the BBC. I like this piece from the Guardian better… Long after the term “weblog” is forgotten, the impact of what the word means will live on. Being … Continue reading

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Shake it baby, shake it – In colour, by the miracle of destructovision

I’ve always thought of the building I work in, UBC’s Main Library, as a prime piece of campus real estate. Centrally located, office windows that open, the core of the building is a lovely Gothic/Tudor hybrid, recently renovated for the … Continue reading

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Compatibility of Weblogs and ISSN

I’ll have to file this one away for my presentation at Access 2003 which is… [AWK!!] next week… The issue People who publish and maintain Weblogs have applied for ISSNs. Some registrars have immediately registered the Weblogs; others have categorically … Continue reading

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Pachyderm madness

D’Arcy is all over this news on Pachyderm, but (I hope) these developments will have an impact on UBC as well, so I’ll do the echo thing here… Pachyderm is a piece of software developed by the San Francisco Museum … Continue reading

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Freakout Party Zone in Effect, and the word is out on a CMS Paper

Well, as usual, Scott has beat me to the punch on a new resource. Normally, there’s no great shame in that, but in this case it’s a bit embarrassing. First off, my colleague (OK, she’s my boss), UBC’s Director of … Continue reading

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I’ve never been much of a diary keeper (unlike my Father who was methodical about keeping a journal and eventually published the diaries he kept while Canada’s High Commissioner to London).

Apparently trying to channel some of that Howard Dean politico-blog mojo, now our Canadian Prime-Minister-in-Waiting (for about ten years now) has a blog, too. PM-to-be Paul Martin offers befuddled newbies a definition of the blog: No, it

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Weblogs: Beyond the Hype

I’m writing a short introductory piece on weblogs for a general UBC audience, and as usual I find it nearly impossible to cover all the pertinent material in a short space, without descending into jargon. I also harbour the not-exactly-hidden … Continue reading

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The Dog is angry…

…and who am I to argue. Cogdogblog is on the warpath about… well, why don’t I just quote from the posting: Spam is a reality, some 40% of email traffic. But there is absolutely no reason for the email scanning … Continue reading

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(Weblogs and) The Mass Amateurisation of (Nearly) Everything…

Tom Coates of Plastic Bag, with a piece that contextualizes weblogs within a broader set of developments … suggesting that the real effect is that users have a new power to create, manipulate and distribute media: Technically, weblogs are trivial … Continue reading

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