Weblogs: Beyond the Hype

I’m writing a short introductory piece on weblogs for a general UBC audience, and as usual I find it nearly impossible to cover all the pertinent material in a short space, without descending into jargon. I also harbour the not-exactly-hidden agenda of promoting weblogs here, and a desire to get some people on campus up and blogging. I know that the last thing the world needs is another overview of the weblog phenomenon — actually, I suppose the real last thing the world needs is another reunion tour by The Eagles — but why let such petty considerations hinder my work?

My current working draft, subject to some much-needed edits:

Weblogs: beyond the hype

To be honest, there

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  1. Randy Brown says:

    Following is the URI to the reference Brian mentions:


    BTW: My personal weblog is at:


    Thanks for the mention, Brian!

  2. Oh, God, no, not another Eagles tour!

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