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Modern scholarship is a race against its own obsolescence

Library card catalog shared CC by John Kannenberg I got my first experience of this reality when I was a graduate student of literature in the mid-1990’s. Back then [cue nostalgic music], if someone needed to assemble a list of … Continue reading

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Viva la wiki

Based on today’s buzz on Twitter, one might think there’s an emerging consensus that wikis in higher education are a dead end, or at least a bad fit. A big part of that perception would be drawn from the title … Continue reading

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Real Fun with Google

Via the most groovy Free Art and Technology (F.A.T) lab, detailed schematics and instructions on how to build your own (fake) Google Street View car. Once you are set up, the possibilities for dissonant diversion kind of become self-evident… Google … Continue reading

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Canada Day

We are the people. Another perspective.

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