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New free culture podcast: Grey Area

Interesting new podcast by Jason Sigal, from the Free Music Archive. Jason is spinning off the podsafe portions of his WFMU show, as well as conversations with the likes of Eric Steuer of Creative Commons talkin’ CC, NC, CBC & … Continue reading

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More love for East Van-style DIY

Now in its third year of growth and development, the Garibaldi School Community Garden just came off of a landmark weekend, with a manure sale that raised money to finish the tool shed/play area, greatly enriched the soil at the … Continue reading

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The zen of open data

B33 – HorseHead Nebula shared CC by Skiwalker79 The Zen of Open Data, by Chris McDowall Open is better than closed. Transparent is better than opaque. Simple is better than complex. Accessible is better than inaccessible. Sharing is better than … Continue reading

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On sustaining and reviving culture

No Dark Sarcasm in the Classroom shared CC by Thomas Hawk When I do my little talks on open education, I like to reference things like learning parties, maker culture, the kind of practical DIY education that is important enough … Continue reading

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It will be an epic Open Access Week at UBC

Open Access shared CC by AJC1 I have a few more substantive posts brewing, but until I get a few minutes and a few more brain cells to rub together… I want to offer my congratulations to the team that … Continue reading

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Sustain this?

Wind farm and greenhouse gas farm, together shared CC by kevindooley I’m still finding my way with regards to the ‘sustainability’ part of my job. I know I’m new to this, at least professionally, so I’m trying to focus on … Continue reading

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