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Live @ UBC — Sound Strategies for Podcasting

If you will be in Vancouver next Tuesday I invite you to come to what promises to be an outstanding session on podcasting from three of UBC’s most accomplished and thoughtful practitioners. It’s presented in conjunction with TAG as part … Continue reading

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Five things… about ME! ME! ME!

So some time back D’Arcy tagged me with the “Five Things” meme.  I normally ignore these things, but D’Arcy has responded to too many of my requests for me to blow him off.  I’ve also been tagged by Steve Dembo … Continue reading

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Half-baked ramblings, spaghetti sauce, and the locus of control

So let me try to trace the outlines out… –> Feeling a bit uneasy, and fuzzy, I sketch out a post, drenched in undergraduate nostalgia, outlining objections to some discourse concerning the “net generation” and speculating on a counterintuitive role … Continue reading

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Doing my bit to hype Second Life (and continue hyping Northern Voice)

Gus Goldkey (front, with ‘stache & mullet) tries to pretend he knows what the hell is going on So, feeling terribly left out by my absence from the ELI Annual Meeting (hi everyone!), Gus Goldkey decided to crash the NMC’s … Continue reading

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Education is wasted on the prematurely middle-aged

Three or four bits, connected in some way I haven’t quite figured out yet. Last night I attended a reading at the downtown Vancouver library by Don Kerr, one of a handful of very special professors I studied under at … Continue reading

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Northern Voice is filling up fast!

Apologies for the quiet in this space. Blogging is a bit like exercise, when you get out of the habit it’s tough to get back at it. I do want to pass on some Northern Voice related news: * Registration … Continue reading

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