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Some actual analysis of the Harper’s forum on educational gaming

Only have a few moments, but I wanted to link to Ulises’s characteristically thoughtful post concerning the Harper’s discussion I pointed to yesterday, one which prompts a response from one of the principals (I was meaning to see if Koster … Continue reading

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Grand Theft Education — Harper’s takes on educational gaming and emergent narrative

I doubt the piece will appear online, but the latest issue of Harper’s features a fairly extensive and often compelling discussion on the rise of educational gaming: Lesson plans are being adjusted accordingly. Last year hundreds of new educational video … Continue reading

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We now begin our ascent…

Don’t call it a comeback, or a blogfunk, Abject Learning was on vacation suckas, and now it’s back, lean and mean, mad as hell and taking names. I maintained admirable discipline during my time away, barely glimpsed my email, and … Continue reading

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