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Douglas Adams’s 1990 BBC documentary on hypertext

I haven’t had a chance to watch the full movie version of Hyperland closely yet (available as of today on Google Video), but what I’ve seen convinces me that this will be a nice complement to our study of hypertext … Continue reading

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“Fitting words for an epitaph…” — an encyclopedic smackdown!

Boing Boing alerts us to this debate between Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia’s founder and chairman of the Wikimedia Foundation) and Dale Hoiberg (senior vice president and editor in chief of Encyclopaedia Britannica). There seems to be some legitimate animus bubbling below … Continue reading

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Some actual analysis of the Harper’s forum on educational gaming

Only have a few moments, but I wanted to link to Ulises’s characteristically thoughtful post concerning the Harper’s discussion I pointed to yesterday, one which prompts a response from one of the principals (I was meaning to see if Koster … Continue reading

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Grand Theft Education — Harper’s takes on educational gaming and emergent narrative

I doubt the piece will appear online, but the latest issue of Harper’s features a fairly extensive and often compelling discussion on the rise of educational gaming: Lesson plans are being adjusted accordingly. Last year hundreds of new educational video … Continue reading

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Alternate Reality Game Antecedents via Infocult

I’ve made some inept attempts to relate some of what Bryan Alexander opened up in my skull during his ELI presentation on alternate reality games. For the benefit of the poor souls who’ve been on the receiving end of my … Continue reading

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One must defraud no one. Not even the world of its victory.

One of the points I often make when I go into my blogvangelist mode is how over time weblogging helps you to develop a network of peer experts, who act as filters and analysts for a range of subjects that … Continue reading

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Why teach digital writing?

A nifty overview of the necessity, the resistance to, and the process of teaching writing in networked digital environments. Computers are not “just tools” for writing. Networked computers create a new kind of writing space that changes the writing process … Continue reading

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Live Synchronous Editing

For some time, I’ve been pining for a cross-platform version of SubEthaEdit. MoonEdit did not seem to catch fire, but recently a few new services like JotSpot Live and Writely have popped up. Now, what Roland describes as an “open … Continue reading

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Get me a brain transfusion, STAT!

In the course of one of those meetings that makes me feel so damn lucky to be working at a university, I got turned on to txtkit. Checking out the site itself induced a case of cognitive vertigo, spinning more … Continue reading

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The Conversation

A throwaway line in one of yesterday’s posts (“There’s an unmistakable energy out in the community right now, and I feel sorry for the people in our field who have yet to jack into it”), prompted a couple of comments … Continue reading

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