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The zen of open data

B33 – HorseHead Nebula shared CC by Skiwalker79 The Zen of Open Data, by Chris McDowall Open is better than closed. Transparent is better than opaque. Simple is better than complex. Accessible is better than inaccessible. Sharing is better than … Continue reading

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Nobody responded to my online video of the rat

Online video has been around forever (at least measured in web years), and I’ve been hearing about videoblogging for some time. But I’m still amazed at how quickly the new generation of online video sharing services have emerged and become … Continue reading

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MySpace gets the Danah Boyd treatment

I don’t use MySpace myself, and having only looked at it quickly had always wondered what the buzz was about. A couple months back, I did have something of an ‘a-ha’ moment when I followed this link to the MySpace … Continue reading

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Multi-Touch Interaction Research

Via YouTube (Thanks Bruce.)

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The network delivers the goods

You never know what might happen when you make a blanket appeal for feedback, such as I did in the run-up to the blogs and wikis talk tomorrow night at the VPL. People are busy, and I asked some deceptively … Continue reading

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RipMixLearn is coming into focus…

I don’t have time or headspace to blog these developments properly, but want to get some of it down so I don’t lose it… A while back Alan mused: while the old song RipMixFeed still sounds good, we ought to … Continue reading

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Ready for prime-time players? On the reliability of tagging…

I posted last week about a distributed, tool-agnostic, tag-based framework for online discourse. It’s a key component for one of my looming grant applications — in terms of dollars requested it likely won’t be too big, but in terms of … Continue reading

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Leigh Blackall shows how it’s done…

I was an admirer of Sean FitzGerald and Leigh Blackall’s Knowledge Sharing, so it’s a groove and a gas to see the Flickrfied Networked Learning emerge as a follow-up. The images are amazing, the audio compelling — this raises the … Continue reading

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Small pieces more loosely joined… musings from the fog

I suppose it’s a form of pathetic fallacy to link the five days of fog we in Vancouver are experiencing with the hazy state of my cognition lately. One of the things I’ve been batting around in my so-called mind … Continue reading

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Because the revolution’s here – podcasting in education

I already pointed briefly to Gardner Campbell’s wonderful piece on podcasting, There’s Something in the Air, but it deserves more than a passing glance. Gardner didn’t merely write a piece on what a podcast is, and offer a few links … Continue reading

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