Because the revolution’s here – podcasting in education

I already pointed briefly to Gardner Campbell’s wonderful piece on podcasting, There’s Something in the Air, but it deserves more than a passing glance.

Gardner didn’t merely write a piece on what a podcast is, and offer a few links to examples, though he does cover those basics. What I value most about this article are the many sections that showcase his special contribution to the broader conversation. Like his riff on the “explaining voice“. Or ruminations on the “strange craft” of radio, one that provides a foundation for digital work even as it is transformed by it. Most importantly, Gardner does not shy away from the deeper implications of new technology on learning — embedded in almost every paragraph is a carefully considered and passionate statement on what education should aspire to be, and what it might be. I especially value the section in which Gardner makes the case for academics to take it on themselves to adapt to technology (as they did with word processors, to an extent that to revert seems ludicrous). And the ending of the article is perfection.

In short, even if don’t you think you care about podcasting, you should read this piece.

I’m thrilled that the article is out, and will draw on it as a model and inspiration. It’s out in HTML form now, but if you read anything like me I suggest you take it in off-screen — download the .PDF, print it out (preferably with a colour printer), and find an hour in your busy schedule to give this a careful reading.

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