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“When I’m drivin’ free, the world’s my home” …more on going mobile.

Photo by drp @import url(; The Who – Going mobile Found at Dec 2, 2008 UPDATE: Added link to João Fernandes’ blog. Ever since I acquired a certain much-hyped fetish object, I’ve accepted on some sort of instinctive level … Continue reading

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A tag-based indexer for items in D(elicious)Space?

cloudythinking, originally uploaded by zanzo. I mentioned in my previous post that Julià Minguillón and I have been throwing around Mike Caulfield’s suggestion that we think about how we might exploit a third party system with a good API such … Continue reading

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My network kicks ass …DSpace social layer update

Kicking ass chart, Emerging Tech 2008, San Diego, CA.JPG, originally uploaded by gruntzooki. I posted some early work that I have been doing with Julià Minguillón and his team here at the UOC on trying to make the act of … Continue reading

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A super trifecta from Bavaman

Jim "I’ve got your children" Groom – Edupunk Posterboy, originally uploaded by bionicteaching. Three recent triumphs by everybody’s favorite edupunker Jim Groom that merit some shout-outs: I was on an airplane when the recent NMC Online Conference in Second Life … Continue reading

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Northern Voice – Good times, disturbing news…

I’m pleased and more than a little relieved to pass on the news that the Moose will once again be loose next year, as the Northern Voice Personal Blogging and Social Media Conference will be back for its fifth year … Continue reading

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A social layer for DSpace?

A good morning’s work, originally uploaded by MrGluSniffer. The above image represents a snapshot of about two hours out of two days of intense dialogue with my primary host here at the UOC, Julià Minguillón. I will not begin to … Continue reading

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The hole in the wall: the holes in my thinking and my life

a line of screens, originally uploaded by phitar. Note: this was mostly written last Friday, and I only write here a small fraction of what I wanted… But I do not want to hold this post hostage until I get … Continue reading

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More on missing the point…

Sometimes you slave over a post that you hope will get people thinking and clicking and get no response. Other times, something dashed off in a moment seems to connect with people for mostly inexplicable reasons. My previous post triggered … Continue reading

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Am I missing the point on open educational resources?

self-titled, originally uploaded by procsilas. I’m sitting in the opening session of the UOC UNESCO Chair in E-Learning Fifth International Seminar on Fighting the Digital Divide through Education (I believe you can follow the presentations via video). So I don’t … Continue reading

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How can we make assessment more flexible and meaningful?

I hate grading, and as a result don’t think enough about the potent and vital role of assessment in learning. I admit it’s a shortcoming. On the train back to Barcelona from the IN3 offices yesterday, I had a provocative … Continue reading

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