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The zombie software juggernaut

Happy Halloween. As a special ghoulish treat, I took the article on social bookmarks that I wrote last week and ran it through a few rounds of BBEdit’s “find and replace” feature. The results are uneven, and more than a … Continue reading

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More dribble on social bookmarking…

Over the course of a rather busy day, I dashed off an article on social bookmarking tools and Flickr for UBC’s eStrategy Newsletter. The newsletter has a technoliterate but mainstream readership, so I have to presume no familiarity whatever with … Continue reading

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Lunar eclipse in Vancouver

Photo taken and Flickrfied by my clever colleague Novak Rogic. More photos tagged with “eclipse”.

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I have arrived.

I am now, without question, a smashing success as a human being. I am rapidly fulfilling every ambition a humble Canadian prairie boy could have ever imagined possible. Yes, as of this moment my weblog is the second returned result … Continue reading

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Wikispam I could learn to love…

A few months back, I gave a talk at the ITI Conference at Utah State, using a wiki as my presentation tool. My final screen was a selection entitled “what to do”, a vague series of recommendations, tacked on mostly … Continue reading

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Babies, bathwater, serendipity, bad vibes and mass confusion…

Writing a weblog posting right now is the last thing I should be doing, but I’ve wanted to jump in on this topic for a while now… My time is extremely limited, so I’m just going to blast this out … Continue reading

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Shhh! The bloggy is sleeping…

I recognise this space was far too quiet during the EDUCAUSE Conference (though thanks to Stephen D’s fabulous targetted Edu_RSS feed there is a one stop shop for all things blogged at this event). I have things to share, buzzy … Continue reading

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Ripping, mixing, feeding at EDUCAUSE

For me, it doesn’t get better than working with Alan Levine. So it was an honour and a gas to crank it up again for the EDUCAUSE Conference, where we delivered a pre-conference workshop officially entitled “Decentralization of Learning Resources: … Continue reading

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[Textologies] – Newsreader – textual remix on the fly

News Reader is software for reading and playing the network news environment. News Reader initially offers the current “top stories” from Yahoo! News — which are always drawn from mainstream sources. Playing these stories brings forth texts generated from alternative … Continue reading

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[Textologies] – Two useful resources

Via Scott Leslie at EdTechPost, comes a nifty service from RedLightGreen: RedLightGreen is a service from the Research Libraries Group (get it?) that allows users to search over 130 million library catalogue entries. The user can then automatically create citations … Continue reading

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