Leigh Blackall shows how it’s done…

I was an admirer of Sean FitzGerald and Leigh Blackall’s Knowledge Sharing, so it’s a groove and a gas to see the Flickrfied Networked Learning emerge as a follow-up. The images are amazing, the audio compelling — this raises the bar for online presentation styles. Oh yeah, the content is killer too.

And as Leigh points out, the material was “created using pictures generously licensed to creative commons. I created an audio track to go with it, using backing music generously licensed creative commons.”

He adds: “This presentation is licensed creative commons, I hope you’ll use it.” I already have started reusing those images (with attribution and a backlink, natch), and suspect these will be a staple in my wikified presentations for some time to come.

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  1. Thanks Brian 🙂 glad you like and use it.

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