We now begin our ascent…

Don’t call it a comeback, or a blogfunk, Abject Learning was on vacation suckas, and now it’s back, lean and mean, mad as hell and taking names.

I maintained admirable discipline during my time away, barely glimpsed my email, and only glanced at a few friend’s weblogs — being completely beyond internet access for two of the three weeks helped in that regard. So I feel something like a virtual Rip Van Winkle, as it’s clear things have been cooking out there.

In addition to the 3500+ unread email, most awaiting my delete button, there are no shortage of tasks to occupy my workweek. Among the highlights of the coming weeks is the launch of the new version of Aggrssive (I got a demo from the boyz this afternoon and it’s freakin’ awesome), and my third go-round as co-instructor of Text Technologies.

As I struggle to catch up and gear up, I have no idea how much energy I will have left for this space. But it’s great to scan through my aggregator and see how much worthy stuff is happening, I’m happy to be back reading and clicking.

About Brian

I am a Strategist and Discoordinator with UBC's Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology. My main blogging space is Abject Learning, and I sporadically update a short bio with publications and presentations over there as well...
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14 Responses to We now begin our ascent…

  1. Darren says:

    I’m sorry, did you just say ‘suckas’?

  2. Welcome back blamb. I’m sure the vocabulary will improve [re: ‘suckas’]

  3. Brian says:

    What can I say, I’m from the streets…

  4. Jim says:

    I like the “suckas” -very powerful. Reminds me of Cyrus from The Warriors (both the movie and the video game). When mobilizing the gangs of NYC for peace amongst themselves and out-and-out revolution against the structures of power, he asks quite simply: “Can you count suckas?!” I see remarkable similarities between your use of suckas and and the legacy of Cyrus, two revolutionaries proselytizing steet justice. Power to the people!

  5. who you callin’ sucka, beeyatch! welcome back. I’m totally jealous of your Rip Van Winkling. Fo shizzle, mah bizzle.

  6. Jeanette Wiens-Peckham says:

    Hey, I have lots of resources for how blogging relates to neurosciencific research on “how kids learn” on my blog site.


  7. Your “text technologies” course looks intriguing, so much so that I’ll be taking a look at the texts shortly. I’m currently working on a discussion paper that’s peripherally related to the topic.

  8. Brian says:

    Patricia — Teresa Dobson and Jeff Miller did a great job putting the course together, there’s some wonderful stuff. We tend to experiment as the course progresses with whatever is cooking in the wider world as well. I’d be interested in seeing your paper as it develops.

  9. Vivian says:

    heh now that you’re back in land-o-living, call me for updates on Social Learning

  10. Jeremy says:

    Welcome back…your abject absence was duly noted.

  11. Gardner says:

    Duck, you sucka. (Name that director for 50 points and a mix CD.)

    Really glad to see you back, Brian. Overjoyed, even. And I’m also delighted you’re teaching that course again. One day I will take that course, oh yes I will.

  12. Jim says:

    I’ll take Sergio leone for 50 , Jack. His original title for Fist Full of Dynamite -and much more “gripping” if you ask me. Those Eye-talians got something special.

  13. Brian says:

    I thought Jim was cutting up (I would have guessed Putney Swope), but a bit of Googling and lo and behold… Maybe he’ll share the CD, or at least the playlist…

  14. Gardner says:

    Brian and Jim,

    I gotta figure out some way to get you two guys together with some beer and a podcast rig. The ensuing verbal-cultural exchange would be one for the ages. Tables everywhere will rise.

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