Fair is fair – Google Video allows precision pointing

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I’m not above a little Google bashing, but this ability of Google Video to enter any clip at a defined point deseves some love. So, if I would like to point you directly to Jesco White’s danced-up version of the Ozark Mountain Daredevil’s “If You Want to Get to Heaven” (and I do) it’s just a matter of appending #XmXXs to the video URL of the Google Video link of the original movie file, or simply adding the seconds if it’s within the first minute, ie: http://video.google.ca/videoplay?docid=4188363107289074909#47

I agree with Alan, with a bit of imagination, this principle could be hugely useful.

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3 Responses to Fair is fair – Google Video allows precision pointing

  1. Jeremy says:

    Oh. My. The Dancing Outlaw.

  2. IT Conversations used to let us create URLs for clips from shows, just by typing in start and end times. Doesn’t seem to be up anymore.

  3. Dorai Thodla says:

    I think the potential is huge. Especially when you extend the concept of “granular addressing” to web pages, documents, audio and video.


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