More love for East Van-style DIY

Deposit Work underway... neighbours stop buy to buy the product...
The team cranks it up work

Now in its third year of growth and development, the Garibaldi School Community Garden just came off of a landmark weekend, with a manure sale that raised money to finish the tool shed/play area, greatly enriched the soil at the garden, and distributed tonnes of hormone and antibiotic-free steer manure to neighborhood gardens.

The non-stop shoveling also was a formidable full-day, full-body workout for me. And yes, I did lose count of the wags on Twitter who observed that slinging vast piles of cow dung is indistinguishable from what I do in a typical working day at UBC.

Racking the ale

In other food and booze security news… I’m happy to report we have graduated from beer brewing learning parties to a fairly regular home brew production schedule, with Keira and Rob showing particular initiative. The Strathcona Pale Ale was completed and ecstatically consumed, the Shirley’s Nutbrown Ale is bottled and aging, the Grapefruit Bitter fermenting in the carboy ready to rack. Absolutely blown away by how tasty the ale turned out – and it’s been great fun.

I’m not in the habit of endorsements here, but we couldn’t ask for a better supplier than Dan’s Homebrew Supplies (located in the historic Heatley Block, next to the volunteer-run anarchist Spartacus Books), serving up great ingredients and ample heaps of punk attitude. This video they made sums up so much of what I love about East Van, and why I find it hard to imagine living anywhere else:

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