CiteULike Screencasts

One of the best outcomes of my unit’s reorganization has been the opportunity to work a little more closely with the instructional designers who develop distance education courses. One of those designers, Tannis Morgan has posted a set of useful screencasts on the academically-oriented social bookmarking system CiteULike. Definitely worth a look.

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5 Responses to CiteULike Screencasts

  1. Thanks for the link. The screencasts are a great resource.

  2. sam says:

    A new similar website but with more advance features is It is a social research collaboration tool to help people working in different research fields to come together and share and access each others work. You can form groups and solve problems through forums. You can send private messages to members.

    It can help research students, professors to expand their work and find new people with similar interests.

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